Members Area

The Nativity Knight's web site is hosted by Google. The web site is visible to the public, however the "Members Area" of the site has links to information that will require a free Google Account in order to be able to view, upload or edit some of the content. This allows us to share internal council information without having to make it publicly available to everyone on the internet and hopefully out of the hands of phishers, spammers and other internet trolls.

The private content is shared with the email address list we have of all the members of our council. To access some of this private content, you will be asked to sign in with an email address and password . You will need a Google account associated with the email address you provided to the council in order to access these documents. If you have questions about how to use the web site or about a Google account please call Craig Smith at 913-706-0650 or email

Council Links

The membership group email list is restricted. The following are allowed to send to this list. Al S, Mike B, Craig S, Joe F, Mike G, Tom F, Rod C, Tim P, Tim K, Gene Z, Bob V, David D, Matt T.

Leadership Links

The leadership group email list does not accept outside emails, but all leaders in the list can send and receive emails to the list.

Membership Folder

Leadership Folder

Recruiting Folder

Folder shared with membership committee. Craig S, Gene Z, Bob V, Tim K, Al S, Mark M, Toby B, Jerry R, Tom F, Mike G, Joe F,

How do I join?

If you would like to join our Church of the Nativity council of the Knights of Columbus, the initial process is done online at and clicking JOIN to fill out the registration form and paying the $30 current calendar year eMember dues. To ensure we get notified properly from Supreme, please include our local council #11067 and our membership director's member number (see images below or here) during the signup process. (If there is a specific council member solely responsible for you joining, please contact us and we can email you their member number prior to registering.)

Once you have registered, we will contact you to schedule a first degree ceremony to attend and this will allow you to transfer into our council. The first degree ceremonies are normally scheduled during our regular monthly council meetings. Our local membership contact is Gene Zwolinski and his phone number is 913-827-8014.